It’s Perfectly Okay Not To Be Okay

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Hello world,

With this crazy week finally coming to a close, I sit here feeling deflated and defeated. Not much has been done around the house, since last Friday (the hottest day of this month) we haven’t had a working AC in the house.

So finding the energy to work on anything else is gone. All I have been able to do is call around to different repair places to find out how they’ll give you a free estimate, but charge you for each visit,  along with paying for the repair work needed. It kills me every time.

It cost so much for something we took for granted each day. In a way I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself, for my crappy money management skills. And this old house for not holding on a bit longer for us.

And you know what? It’s perfectly okay not to be okay. It’s a part of life to having things just fall apart every once in a while. At least that is what I keep telling myself in order to find some peace in the matter.

I know in the end everything will get sorted out, just have to stay somewhat calm and keep my little family close to a fan at all times.



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