Fred And Friends Purr Tea Infuser – Review



I’ve seen these cute tea infusers floating around my local grocery store for a little while now. Finally I purr-chased one this past week.

The body is made out of silicone, there are holes in the lower torso for the tea to infuse. I was worried the two halves would come apart, but surprisingly they stayed together rather well. It sits well in the mug, the paws keep it from falling into the mug. The infuser is nice, and sturdy. And perfect for a smaller mug. Sadly most of my mugs are large and deep. So I do not suggest it if you only have large deep mug.

The infuser fits 2 teaspoons of tea easily, and although my mug wasn’t the best for this infuser my tea ended up okay. A little weak, since I had to add more water then I normally do to get the infuser to be submerged. I do wish there were more holes at the bottom of the infuser. It did keep the tea leafs in the infuser, unlike some infusers I have used in the past. It is fairly easy to clean, and dries quickly.


The total for this tea infuser was $7.99 at my local Meijer. A bit on the higher side for a small infuser, but it is cute.

Now do I suggest this infuser?

Yes, as long as you are aware that it will not work too well with a large deep mug. It’s a good gift for loose tea lovers,  or pet owners. And there are many animal options to choose from, including a little man.



Have you used Fred and Friends tea infusers?

What are your favorite teas?

Is there anything you want me to review next?


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