My October 2018 Indie Nail Polish Wishlist



This is a list of my wish list from indie nail polish brands. 

A good chunk are Halloween colors, with Fall/Autumn colors mixed in. 


Illyrian Polish - Mentha
Photo by hypnoticpolish

Illyrian Polish – Mentha

Described as: A mauve leaning purple/pink in certain lighting, packed with a copper shimmer and green to pink iridescent flakies.

This to me is such a ethereal nail polish, all the swatches I see look soooo good. It doesn’t scream Fall, but it is such a unique color combination. I can’t wait to get my hands on.


Masura - Golden Collection (A Million Stars) - 1195 Golden Mustard
Photo by @i_foxynails

Masura – Golden Collection (A Million Stars) – 1195 Golden Mustard

Described as: Mustard with golden and brown micro-shimmer. 

I love a good Fall nail polish, this Masura polish looks like the perfect Fall mustard.


Painted Polish - Fierce in Facets.JPG
Photo by @de_briz

Painted Polish – Fierce in Facets

Described as: Hot pink holo micro-glitters and multi-chrome flakies in a vivid violet base.

Holy holo, this polish caught my eye. The multi-chrome flakies look somewhat reminiscent of bats to me. I imagine this polish will be on everyone’s wish list. 


Cadillacquer - Villains - Darling, Red Isn't Your Color.JPG
Photo by @sofitheone

Cadillacquer – Villains – Darling, Red Isn’t Your Color

Described as: White crelly, with small black glitter and red micro glitter.

I am a sucker for these cream/jelly polishes with micro specks. They’re a little bit of a challenge to work with sometimes, but it’s totally worth it in the end.


Cadillacquer - Halloween 2018 - Poison Ivy
Photo by @naillution

Cadillacquer – Halloween 2018 – Poison Ivy

Described as: Neon green jelly, with small metallic red and purple glitter.

This is such an eye catching polish,  it’s not your generic Halloween polish. I can totally see myself using this as a base, using a paint dripping stencil and a muted brown/yellow for a caramel apple look.


Painted Polish - Spell Squad.JPG
Photo by @de_briz

Painted Polish – Spell Squad

Described as: Gold and orange metallic glitters in a witchy orchid crelly base.

Soft purples are a love of mine. I love how rich this soft purple is, adding gold/orange glitters to the mix is so beautiful.


Cadillacquer - Halloween 2018 - Dark Willow

Cadillacquer – Halloween 2018 – Dark Willow

Described as: Neon orange jelly, with small black glitter and red iridescent flakes.

Told you, I love micro speck polishes. Plus out of all the polishes I have I don’t have a good orange polish for Halloween and for general wear.


Painted Polish - Sanderson Sister Sing-along.JPG
Photo by @de_briz

Painted Polish – Sanderson Sister Sing-along

Described as: Nude holo micro-glitter mixed in a mustard crelly base.

Yes, another mustard… Hear me out though, this compared to the previous mustard are vastly different. Sanderson Sisters Sing-along is more yellow based, where 1195 Golden Mustard is brown based. Plus look at all that holo!


Spectrum Cosmetic - MAIA.jpg
Photo by Spectrum Cosmetics

Spectrum Cosmetics – MAIA

Described as: Sheer black base, loaded with flecks of copper sparkle.

Another missing piece of my polish collection, a good brown copper polish. 


Delush Polish - Two of a Kind.JPG
Photo by @glitterfingersss

Delush Polish – Two of a Kind

Described as: A thermal polish, featuring copper color shifting flakies, with a base that morphs from a dusty purple (cold state) into a peachy tan (warm state).

I love a good thermal polish. This rose gold/purple thermal polsih is such a beauty combo.


Photo by Picture Polish

Picture Polish – Sage by LakeDom

Described as: Light muted green jelly, with holographic flakes.

I know it looks basic, but I imagine a copper or brown leaf pattern going great with this polish. This can even transition into winter with snowflakes — maybe even holo snowflakes.


KBShimmer - Hexy Bikini.JPG
Photo by KBShimmer

KBShimmer – Hexy Bikini

Described as: Glitter nail polish, combines holo glitters in silver, teal, and pink.

This is a holo bomb, I love it! It doesn’t scream Halloween so it can transition from Fall – Autumn to Winter. Heck maybe even to the new year.




Did you find any new loves?

Are there any polishes that I should add to my list?


* These photo are not mine, owners of the photos are credited for their work.*


October Indie Polish Wishlist


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