Positivity And Thanks

thank you text on black and brown board

First off, I wanted to say how grateful I am for everyone who reads my blog.

I appreciate that you chose my blog, it means the world to me.

Did you know that making one compliment or kind gesture could make someones whole day?

Appreciate those around you, make a kind genuine comment or gesture of gratitude to show you care.
Some simple kind gestures
  • Bring in donuts to work. Show your coworkers you are thankful for them.  It’s a small gesture that everyone will love. Plus you can give everyone a kind comment as well.

  • Check on your family and friends. Make some time to call or email your family member or long time friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask how their day is going. See if they need help in some way. Thank them for being a part of your life. I am guilty of not doing this enough.

  • Give thank you notes. Leave a thank you card or sticky note for someone. Whether it’s a short note or long note any show of gratitude is acceptable.

  • Be someone they can talk to. Listening to someone without interruption or continuation of your mental thoughts. This is something I have always appreciated.

  • Post a positive quote or message on social media. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  It could be a quote that you connect to, or a positive message that brings you joy.

  • Make a care package. Use your DIY skills to make a care package for someone. Can be as simple as a candle and thank you card. Or a gift card to a place they love.

Make someone’s day, let them know that they’re valued and appreciated as a human being. At the end of the day we all want to feel that of recognition and that bubble of warmth when someone shows us they care.
Be someone’s light of positivity.

Now I challenge you to make this a part of your daily ritual. Give someone encouragement and gratitude.


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